Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Modern Glamour by Iosselliani, From Italy with Love

I'm in love with this gorgeous jewelry from Iosselliani. If I were a woman of leisure, I would drape myself in it while wafting from one social engagement to another, dressed in old style glamour like Marilyn, Grace, and all the other legendary ladies of the silver screen. Iosselliani has taken that old school aesthetic of excess and brought it a very modern edge, without losing any of the charm and beauty. If you want to live a little dream of a life filled with beautiful things, begin at BlueBee.com.


  1. Marilyn Monroe would completely fall in love with Iosselliani! Talk about "Diamonds are a girls best friend!"...great look of diamonds, but reasonably priced at Blue Bee.

  2. Wow! Great stuff! Iosselliani is really beautiful and such a great price. Go Blue Bee! Yeah, too bad Marilyn never had any Iosselliani. Too bad Marilyn never shopped at Blue Bee! Haha!