Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things, by Daniel Corrigan, Blue Bee Men Stylist

Ties are no longer your dads uniform for work. Work should be fun and so should your outfit. Make yourself noticeable, maybe you'll get a raise! Or if you're looking to impress your teachers at school, show up fresh as can be. Its all about mis-matching shirts and ties. We are getting some great ties in from Paul Smith and Band of Outsiders. Don't hold back on colors, patterns, and different combinations. We are all about pairing the ties with Band of Outsider shirts, and The Shirt from Joe's. The guys at Blue Bee Men and Blue Beetle put on a mini photo shoot in front of our store today. This was the outcome. Keep it Rad, Daniel


  1. thats awesome!
    all this guys look really good!!

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  3. Daniel- You guys should check out The Hill-Side Ties and accessories! Dope materials and great colors and construction! I love my chambray denim, and indigo hemp denim ties!