Friday, August 14, 2009

Simon Miller Jeans Rockin' The Denim World by Daniel Corrigan, Blue Beetle Stylist and Buyer

This New Zealand native is taking over the selvedge jean world, one rad wash
at a time. I can't wait to have him in the store Saturday, August 15th. My
favorite is the Slim Straight L.A. fit. It works with pretty much all guys
(even those with big thighs, trust me I have heard that excuse one too many
times). It's not too slim, so you will not look like your 13 year old son,
brother or me for that matter.
These look great with a blazer and broken in boots. I am liking the John
Varvatos combat boots. I am thinking this Fall will be all about selvedge denim and broken in boots. For those guys looking for a more relaxed bootcut check out the Washington fit. I will get an interview with Simon and video footage of the event. If you're close by, come check it out! I am super excited for it. We also have a ton of stuff coming up this week so check back as we are doing a mini remodel at Blue Beetle and Blue Bee Men. I am hoping we do an all-nighter one of the days to get everything together for the weekend. Peace out blogsters Daniel


  1. Great pics! and Awesome post!You are right, they are great skinnys for everyone.