Sunday, August 23, 2009

Join the Band of Outsiders, by Daniel Corrigan, Blue Bee Men Stylist

I can't name all the celebs that sport Band of Outsiders. I do know Kanye West rocks it and Band of Outsiders is in every magazine you pick up theses days. But really who the fuck cares where it is. Band is still an underground fashion label. I do not care where I am if I see someone wearing a Band of Outsiders shirt, I connect with him. I am not one for collecting; in fact I tend to get rid of clothing fairly often as I seem to move once a year. But one thing I am proud of is My Band Of Outsiders collection so far: I have rounded up 2 pairs of Sperry Topsiders by Band, 5 shirts, and 1 tie. As the label on each shirt wrinkles in time more end up in my collection. And I would be willing to say I wear 4 of the shirts in one week. I have to give thanks to my fellow Blue Beetle employee (and your favorite web model) who gave me a few of his shirts because he got too buff for them. These shirts are the true definition of class and perfection in tailoring.

Daniel is wearing Salt Optics glasses. They are available at


  1. As a huge Band of Outsiders fan myself, I totally relate. I got 5 or 5 Band of Outsiders shirts from Blue Bee Men or Blue Beetle in Santa Barbara and am just about to go to to check out the selection they've got right now. Gotta get more!

  2. Hey when you get too buff for your Band of Outsiders shirts would you give them to me??

    RAD post!!!! I fought the urge to get Band of Outsiders from Blue Bee and Blue Bee won!

  3. that's so funny, i LOVE Blue Bee in SB! I stop in Sb just to go to that store, they rule! xx Krystal

  4. hot stuff! :)
    love band of outsiders & your stylist is dashing!

    love your blog! can't wait to read more! xx.


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